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Zak Green

Sales Representative

(613) 299-7288

"Following my passion for people, community and great physical space, I live to assist people in making meaningful decisions around real estate, recreation, business and finance."

Putting Clients First

Zak Green is an avid listener and passionate advisor with an extraordinary sense of empathy and high touch customer service. Zak came into Ottawa’s real estate market with a bang, immediately establishing himself as one of the top luxury agents in the City with over $150M in sales.

He puts clients first and understands how to dive deep into what matters, and effectively use real estate as a cornerstone in a dynamically satisfying life, health & wealth strategy.

Unique Experience

Holding a degree in International Relations, Economics and Law as well as certificates in Business and Project Management, Zak is a former 13-year veteran in the Emergency Preparedness and Response for the Government of Canada and worked with the United Nations. His experience provides him with uniquely honed skills in strategic planning, risk assessment and project management: qualities that are of tantamount importance in a trusted real estate advisor.

Driven by a Desire to Serve

Empathy, authenticity and great relationships are key to Zak’s success. He is an ideal spokesperson for your home’s unique essence and character and his charisma and passion make him an ideal and easy-going match for you when buying, selling or investing in Ottawa’s nuanced markets.

Driven by a deep desire to serve others and make a positive contribution in their lives – be it business, personal, spiritual, health or financial – Zak is a powerful advocate for your best interests and always places you or your business’s wellbeing at the heart of the deal.

He sits on the Board of Trustees for the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre - one of Canada’s foremost mental health care, teaching and research hospitals - and strives to help more people living with mental illness and addiction to get into recovery faster.

Contact him to take that next right step forward in the life you were designed to live.

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